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Custom Wedding Photo Engraving

Custom Wedding Photo Engraving

Are you looking for a unique way to capture your special day or maybe you are looking for a unique gift for the special couple. I create custom laser engraved photos that can include wedding photos and engagement photos. I can add additional custom details like your name, date, location, etc. for up to 50 characters.


The sizes below are just basic sizes. Other sizes including larger sizes are available. The prices below are based on using alder wood. Other materials may require additional costs and/or lead time to aquire.


5x7 Custom Photo Engraving - $60

8x10 Custom Photo Engraving - $100

11x14 Customer Photo Engraving - $200

Other sizes available

Personalized Details (Name, Date, Location, Etc.) - $10-$20
Clean Up (Correcting blemishes, removing objects, etc...) - $10 - $20


Ordering: Please contact me via email or phone for all order requests.


Payment: I accept cash and credit card for payment. Credit card payments use All payments must be made at delivery of item. Shipping costs are extra and exact amount will be specified after order is placed. Local orders can be picked up locally or shipped. 


NOTE: Because these engravings are on wood there are imperfections in the wood that can include wood knots, discolorations, cracks, scratches, wood grain (the variations in the grain creates variations in the engraving). Some of these imperfections give the piece character but that is in the eye of the beholder. I always try to provide material that will meet your satisfaction but always realize that these imperfections do exist.

  • Additional Information

    Photo Engravings - For photo engravings you will need to send a digital copy of the photo preferably in high quality resolution. The better the contrast of the photo (foreground, background, colors, etc) the better quality you will get out of the engraving.


    Warning - Most engravings are on wood products. All wood varies in color, quality, marks, etc. I will always pick the best quality material but be aware that there are always variations. Please be cautious with all wood products as they may contain splinters.

  • Product Care, Placement, and Handling

    Caring for your engraving: To remove dust you can vacuum lightly or blow off the dust. If you have dust or lint that gets stuck to the engraving you can use a soft brush to remove it. Do not recommend wiping the engraving with a cloth or spraying liquids on the engraving.


    Placement of engraving: Avoid placing the engraving in direct sun light as the sun will turn the wood colors over time.


    Handling and touching: Many of the engravings have a texture and even a 3D appearance depending on the photo and contrast in colors. The engraving has a satin polyurethane coating to protect it. Touching is okay as long as it is done lightly. The engraving is still very delicate and rough touching, scratching, dings, and drops among other types of mishandling can easily result in damage to the engraving. Please handle with care.

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